Friday, 2 September 2011

Babes in the Wood

Hello my lovely dolls!

A non fashion related post today; I went to a place in Andover Hampshire near to where my parents live, called the New Forest Wildlife Park where they conserve otters worldwide as well as British and indigenous European wildlife. Even though otters are the main park's passion, their other animals include badgers, four types of deer, wild boar, owls, pine martens, Scottish wildcats, northern lynx, and most recently, a pack of European wolves. 
It was such a nice day to explore the forest and see the animals all bright and cheerful. Above are a bevy of Asian Short Clawed otters, who greeted each person that turned the corner with chattered squeaks and unified scout position postures. Whilst not mistaking visitors for keepers with food, the otters love to play with stones and often 'juggle' with them, carrying their favorite stone around everywhere they go.

The Roe deer that roam around the conservation are some of the most friendly species of deer - there is one particular doe that my mother and I call the 'Mum' deer, as she is a very patient old creature who is always calm and pleasant to each visitor, and has no problem with children stroking her coat. However below is a young male Sika deer whose little antlers can be seen protruding from his head. Bambi springs to mind, even though he was a Roe deer.... the 'Mum' Roe deer is, in my eyes, the living characterization of Bambi's Mum. 
And my favorite shot of the day is of the smallest creature in the park; the harvest mouse! It was nice to see fully grown (little finger size), happy, living and breathing mice - my last brush with a harvest mouse was my rescue of some babies from being a cat's dinner! The full story can be found in my post "Foxy Moments with Mulberry".

Guys and Dolls, tomorrow I am moving back up to Newcastle for University, so I am afraid I won't be able to post until next Friday, as that is when we get our internet installed in the new house :( I shall miss posting and reading all of your blogs! But never fear, as I shall be preparing more posts about A/W trends, styling, and my latest garment purchases.

Don't forget me, and see you next Friday :D
Doll love xXx