Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Doll Boho Colour Blocking

A quick post today!
When it comes to colour, my wardrobe is severely lacking; my mum likes to nag me about how I only ever wear black and white, which is true but that's just my style.
Crop top: H&M
Jacket and Bag: ASOS
Shoes: New Look
However I do like the boho look with its tones of brown and wide range of prints, such as Aztec, animal print and geometric. Animal print isn't my thing but I couldn't resist this butterfly print crop top from H&M! Butterflies are one of my favourite animals/insects and I thought why not, the colour matches my hair! This crop top is also my own way of incorporating this seasons Colour Block trend; colour is big, colour is everywhere, colour is now! So this H&M top with its various hues of orange is in! It is a slightly muted and sombre orange, but that's right up my street. The top also comes in blue/green for those who aren't afraid of colour like me!

H&M is one of my Doll favourties at the moment when it comes to looking for and buying colour; I was in there today and felt like I was in the Bahamas there was so much bright clothes.

*Doll Tip* Colour blocking is in but if your aren't comfortable with colour like me, add it to your wardrobe with bright necklaces and rings or a cropped jumper/t-shirt, so you can spice up your normal style with a small dash of colour.

Another big trend for summer is White - now that I like!
Doll love xXx

P.S: I like to think of my style as a fashionable hobo; not too much thought goes into it with boho browns mixed in with a black and white newspaper ensemble!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Miss Dior Doll

Every girl has to have a signature scent, something that is recognisable as 'you', a perfume that not only smells beautiful but makes you feel beautiful whenever you wear it. 
For a long time I have worn Nina Ricci 'Nina' perfume; the advert of fashion model Ruslana Korshunova running like a fairy tale princess through a beautifully white house, in search for the right perfume apple to pluck, made me fall in love with it regardless of its smell. The idea of a perfume making me feel like I live in a fairy tale captured my imaginative fantasy mind. This scent is heavenly.

Scent: Floral
Heart notes: Red toffee Apple, Praline, Vanilla
Top notes: Lemon, Lime
Base notes: Wood Accord, White Ceder, Cotton Musk
Feeling: Enchanting, Feminine, Seductive, Beauty, Fantasy

However, as I have been wearing this perfume for over three years, I've been itching to try a new perfume, something that smells divine but that also comes in a beautiful bottle - what can I say, I am real a magpie! So for my birthday, my boyfriend bought me this:
Miss Dior Cherie
Eau De Parfum 50ml
Boots £60.50
This doll is a very happy bunny!!! 
What an absolutly stunning bottle - it makes me feel like I'm unwrapping a present every time I spray my wrist. I also recieved a free gift with my Miss Dior Cherie perfume; a 5ml vial of J'adore perfume (another Dior fragrance), AND a black Dior makeup bag, which is the exact size of my Miss Dior perfume. Now my new Eau de Parfum is protected in its very own bag!

Scent: Fruity, Floral
Heart notes: Jasmine, Damascus Rose
Top notes: CitrusItalian Mandarin
Base notes: Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood 
Feeling: Charming, Fresh, Beauty, Romantic

Miss Dior Cherie is created for an "elegant and spirited young woman in love" - as a fantasy lover, this doll travels to far way lands and visualises the romantic gondolas of Venice Italy every time she releases a sprinkle of this orange perfume from its ribbon encased bottle. 
Miss Dior Cherie have their own website which I highly recommend you checkout! It is beautifully designed, contains exquisite photos, and contains the romantic element that comes with the Dior brand. Plus it has a fun interactive layout: Miss Dior perfume

*Doll Tip*: Whenever choosing a perfume, I advise to first find a bottle that you have am immediate connection with, whether its a magpie bottle love or the allure of the coloured liquid, always trust your inner style instinct. Then smell the perfume - never buy a perfume thats aroma doesn't make your nose tingle and mind whirl. You want to feel comfortable in wearing a scent, you want to feel beautiful. Don't just buy a brand, embody a perfume and make sure it reflects you as an individual.

Smell sensational, feel phenomenal, dare to be different.

Doll love xXx 

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

~ The ASOS diaries ~ (1)

Welcome to the 1st of my weekly fashion update diaries!

For those that don't know, I am OBSESSED with ASOS.com - I basically buy all my clothes from this online fashion store, when I'm not browsing at the yummy stuff in Topshop! So, since I tend to purchase something from asos every week, I thought I would do a weekly fashion review post along with my usual blogging posts. I will be sharing with all of you my fashion finds and styling tips using asos clothing and accessories.

Expanding my shoe collection this week, are these gorgeous black wedge sandals!
ASOS Randal buckle wedges

These are the BEST shoes I have ever bought! I was a bit worried on sizing as with buying online I could not try them on, but these size 5s fit like a glove - also ASOS has a great return policy so I could easily have exchanged them for a size 6 if I needed too.
ASOS Wedges

I have worn these shoes on two consecutive days, one night was hardcore clubbing, and I have to honestly say, my feet did not hurt! Seriously! The buckles hold you feet firm so there is no slipping around and walking out of your shoes like some court shoes can do. I was jumping and dancing for 4hours, whilst the day before I was on my feet all day at a Christening - the most comfiest shoes I have ever bought!
Good value for money? Hell Yes! *Doll Rating*: 10/10
Doll love xXx

*Motel Rocks*

Hey all

Welcome to my obsession that is Motel clothing!!!
One of my favorite brands, Motel designs clothing inspired by vintage cuts with a focus on prints. Motel are renowned for their eclectic designs that create a very feminine silhouette, as well as giving the wearer a statement piece for their wardrobe.

I adore Motel clothing; if I had more money I would wear nothing else! I rarely wear colour because my look consists of black, white and shades of grey, but for Motel clothing I make an exception. The colour of their prints are so rich and beautiful that I find myself drawn to buying a Motel item every time I get paid.
My *Doll Tip* is that a Motel dress is a MUST for your wardrobe, whether you wear it out clubbing, for date or dressed down, you will look and feel special no matter what. I know I do :)
Motel dress Mystic Rose
Worn with leggings and lace up boot wedges
Dress bought on Asos.com for £32
Here are some other Motel tops that I love to wear!
Top: Chain print vest - Topshop 2009
Middle: Rose bud print tshirt - ASOS £28
Bottom: Triangle print wide crop top - ASOS £28
I always wear these tops with leggings or tights and a bodycon skirt - blazers also go great when going for a more sophisticated look. However the other day I dressed down the Rose bud top with a baggy grey cardigan, black vest, black snood, leggings and my fav lace up boot wedges.
Motel Rocks my long black socks!
Buy your very own statement piece from Motel at the links below:

Doll love xXx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Water for Elephants

Hello guys and dolls!!!

Well what a day I had yesterday! It was my 20th birthday (I feel so old!); I was swept of my feet by having the most amazing day with my boyfriend - I have never been, what's the expression?, "wined and dined" like I was yesterday. A perfect gentleman and paid for everything!

I won't gab about my day any longer, the focus of todays post is to review the new film "Water for Elephants" directed by Francis Lawrence - he has directed the dark films 'Constantine' and 'I am Legend', both of which I adore! If you haven't watched them, then please feel free to invade my dvd collection (I have over 200!), watch them and prepare to have your minds blown by the great acting talent and brilliantly intriguing plot lines; I love finding metaphors and philosophical messages in films like these, and 'Water for Elephants' is no exception.

'Water for Elephants' is the film adaptation of the historical novel by Sara Gruen, which stars Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz and Robert Pattinson - as soon as he appeared on screen, five 13 year old girls who were sitting behind me, all let out a huge sigh of lust and started chattering about how fit he looked. Ah, to be young again! They made me chuckle when Pattinson removed his shirt; all five started squealing and breathing heavily and dropping their popcorn and jumping in their seats and............ annoying as hell but strangely adorable!

Again I am digressing from the subject!! As a fashion student I was eagerly awaiting the costumes worn by Witherspoon. As her character is the 'star' of the show, Witherspoon's wardrobe was full of exquisitely made sequined gowns, with plunging necklines that ooze old Hollywood glamour, creating a seducing silhouette. Pleats and bias cut silk was on trend in the 1930's along with Chantilly lace, silk chiffon, and pearl encrusted gowns. Doesn't that just sound beautiful? I think if I could live in another time period it would be the 30's or the 20's - I would love to have been a flapper! Witherspoon's performance costumes where visually stunning and reminded me of nowadays simplistic couture. 

I felt like I was in a dream; all the dark controlling themes created by Christoph Waltz's character merged effortlessly with the beautiful colours and soft fabrics. The wonderous illusion created by a travelling circus was truly achieved... I wanted to run away, join a circus and be free.

A must watch film! I highly recommend.

 I loved the film so much, I thought how could I add a touch of circus magic into my own wardrobe. There are some lush necklaces out on the high street at the moment; my *Doll Tip* is to buy a small chained pendant with a little animal charm, then add layers of brightly coloured necklaces to channel this seasons tropical beach trend. Fashion lovers, best place to sources cute pendants is Accessorize, such as the one on the left. I find that Accessorize has the most beautiful jewelry that appeals to my 'magpie' nature - I love cute shiny charms hehe. I also discovered this white plastic elephant necklace on asos.com by my favorite accessory brand Pieces, on the right. (Any links feel free to ask)

Final words; Christina Aguilera's video for her 2009 hit 'Hurt' reminds me so much of the cinematography used in 'Water for Elephants' - two beautiful pieces of film with beautifully moving stories.
Doll love xXx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A true Ginger Doll

I have been a huge fan of Nicola Roberts since she first joined Girls Aloud, and now I am so excited that she is finally releasing her own single album! Nicola is such an inspiration to me because she accepts herself for who she is, and isn't afraid to mix colours and trends; she also likes to enhance her natural ginger hair, making it more luscious and bright, finally showing her acceptance of her ginger roots. Recently she has become a fashion icon, as well as becoming a muse to designer Henry Holland - check out his new collection, which hightlights the colour block trend, as well as reminding me of a little girl dressing up in her costumes and mother's clothes; cute, eclectic and kitsch.

Watch out for Nicola's new singles "Dancing to the beat of my drum" and "Porcelain Heart" out 5th June and here solo album "Cinderella's Eyes"out in early October.

Here is a snippet for those that cannot wait!!!

I adore! Will break out the bank card for this!!!
Doll love xXx