Tuesday, 24 May 2011

~ The ASOS diaries ~ (1)

Welcome to the 1st of my weekly fashion update diaries!

For those that don't know, I am OBSESSED with ASOS.com - I basically buy all my clothes from this online fashion store, when I'm not browsing at the yummy stuff in Topshop! So, since I tend to purchase something from asos every week, I thought I would do a weekly fashion review post along with my usual blogging posts. I will be sharing with all of you my fashion finds and styling tips using asos clothing and accessories.

Expanding my shoe collection this week, are these gorgeous black wedge sandals!
ASOS Randal buckle wedges

These are the BEST shoes I have ever bought! I was a bit worried on sizing as with buying online I could not try them on, but these size 5s fit like a glove - also ASOS has a great return policy so I could easily have exchanged them for a size 6 if I needed too.
ASOS Wedges

I have worn these shoes on two consecutive days, one night was hardcore clubbing, and I have to honestly say, my feet did not hurt! Seriously! The buckles hold you feet firm so there is no slipping around and walking out of your shoes like some court shoes can do. I was jumping and dancing for 4hours, whilst the day before I was on my feet all day at a Christening - the most comfiest shoes I have ever bought!
Good value for money? Hell Yes! *Doll Rating*: 10/10
Doll love xXx


  1. Cool! Love them! Have a great start of the week!! XO Raspberry & Rouge


  2. thankyou for the comment hun :) - wish blogger would allow me to reply directly yo your comment!
    have a good week, and i look forward to reading new posts on your blog
    xx Doll