Sunday, 29 May 2011

Miss Dior Doll

Every girl has to have a signature scent, something that is recognisable as 'you', a perfume that not only smells beautiful but makes you feel beautiful whenever you wear it. 
For a long time I have worn Nina Ricci 'Nina' perfume; the advert of fashion model Ruslana Korshunova running like a fairy tale princess through a beautifully white house, in search for the right perfume apple to pluck, made me fall in love with it regardless of its smell. The idea of a perfume making me feel like I live in a fairy tale captured my imaginative fantasy mind. This scent is heavenly.

Scent: Floral
Heart notes: Red toffee Apple, Praline, Vanilla
Top notes: Lemon, Lime
Base notes: Wood Accord, White Ceder, Cotton Musk
Feeling: Enchanting, Feminine, Seductive, Beauty, Fantasy

However, as I have been wearing this perfume for over three years, I've been itching to try a new perfume, something that smells divine but that also comes in a beautiful bottle - what can I say, I am real a magpie! So for my birthday, my boyfriend bought me this:
Miss Dior Cherie
Eau De Parfum 50ml
Boots £60.50
This doll is a very happy bunny!!! 
What an absolutly stunning bottle - it makes me feel like I'm unwrapping a present every time I spray my wrist. I also recieved a free gift with my Miss Dior Cherie perfume; a 5ml vial of J'adore perfume (another Dior fragrance), AND a black Dior makeup bag, which is the exact size of my Miss Dior perfume. Now my new Eau de Parfum is protected in its very own bag!

Scent: Fruity, Floral
Heart notes: Jasmine, Damascus Rose
Top notes: CitrusItalian Mandarin
Base notes: Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood 
Feeling: Charming, Fresh, Beauty, Romantic

Miss Dior Cherie is created for an "elegant and spirited young woman in love" - as a fantasy lover, this doll travels to far way lands and visualises the romantic gondolas of Venice Italy every time she releases a sprinkle of this orange perfume from its ribbon encased bottle. 
Miss Dior Cherie have their own website which I highly recommend you checkout! It is beautifully designed, contains exquisite photos, and contains the romantic element that comes with the Dior brand. Plus it has a fun interactive layout: Miss Dior perfume

*Doll Tip*: Whenever choosing a perfume, I advise to first find a bottle that you have am immediate connection with, whether its a magpie bottle love or the allure of the coloured liquid, always trust your inner style instinct. Then smell the perfume - never buy a perfume thats aroma doesn't make your nose tingle and mind whirl. You want to feel comfortable in wearing a scent, you want to feel beautiful. Don't just buy a brand, embody a perfume and make sure it reflects you as an individual.

Smell sensational, feel phenomenal, dare to be different.

Doll love xXx 


  1. Natalie Portman looks gorgeous in that ad. :)

  2. Thank you for the comment!
    She does indeed!! It just made me fall even more in love with the perfume!
    have your tried it? i promise you won't be disappointed :)