Thursday, 30 June 2011

X-Men First Class: Future Fashion

Hey guys and dolls!

Sorry I haven't written any posts sooner. I have been ill this week; my medical condition is going through a bad patch, so I've had to rest and do nothing because I'm in a lot of pain. But onwards and upwards, keeping positive and getting on with things.

Todays post is about Future Fashion and the new film X-Men First Class.
A couple of weeks ago, I went to the cinema with the boyfriend to check out the new X-Men film, very excited to see the origins of core characters such as Magneto, Professor X, and Mystic. My boyfriend and I are comic book lovers, our favorite being Batman; we prefer DC comics over Marvel. However, although X-Men is from Marvel comics, we still love it!

A brilliantly made film with lots of action and drama. Set in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the good and evil divide seen in the previous X-Men films becomes apparent as we learn what it is like to be a mutant, and how they come to terms with their superior power in everyday life. 
My favorite character is Mystique, a girl taken under Charles Xavier's wing at a young age, she is aware of the prejudice and dangers towards mutants. However her alliance ultimately lies with Erik (Magneto), who teaches her to love her true self, not to hide her blue skin and to be 'mutant and proud'. 

The makeup for Mystique's character took eight hours each day!!!

Mystique's skin reminded me of an essay about 'future fashion' we had to write for one of our modules this year at Uni. My focus in the essay was to look at how future fabrics in fashion can aid medical conditions such as M.E and Fibromyalgia (my condition). Through my research I found some amazing advances in fashion that remind me of Mystique due to their skin like qualities.
Fabrican Ltd has developed a spray on fabric technology that could revolutionize the fashion industry. It is described on their website as 'unique-couture in a can', and is an aerosol that can create an innovative non-woven material with the possibilities of layering and molding, to make clothing and textiles. 

Below is a project called 'Crochet Membrane' by Sonja Baumel, which is a scientific visualization on how our own bacteria can create new clothing that would be able to respond to our bodily senses, like temperature. The membrane would be able to react and change in consistency and viscosity according to what our body needs. I find the crochet pieces stunningly beautiful; check out her site at
We also had a couple of lecturers come from London to explain their views and the developments made within the topic of future fashion.
Nancy Tilbury was one of those lecturers who shared with us a conceptual project called 'Digital Skins' that combines fashion and science to create designs that connect with the human body. The above image is one of their pieces called the 'Flesh dress', which is a skin extension and flesh growth concept. It is a metaphor for 21st Century beautification. Her blog Digital Skins Body Atmospheres has an amazing video that showcases biological couture future fashion, set in 2050. 

Philips Design has created a beautiful technological dress, a skin probe that explores and emulates the functions of our largest organ i.e. skin. This far-future design is called 'The Bubelle', otherwise known as the blushing dress, and it behaves specifically to the person wearing it. This delicate bubble responds to skin contact by illuminating in various LED colours and patterns. 
WOW! How amazing and mind-boggling are these concepts? I fell in love with this future fashion topic as soon as we were set the essay. I think that finding a way to improve medicine through fashion and textiles is extremely innovative and forward thinking. There are so many new fabrics and chemical combinations to discover, that our future is limitless. My condition is relatively unknown and to find a medicinal way to improve quality of life for those with Fibromyalgia, through fashion, has become a future goal of mine.

I think you can see I am very passionate about this subject!

To finish off, I present an image from Vogue Nippon (Japan) that shows Lily Donaldson as an underwater futuristic mermaid. This Alexander McQueen bodysuit reminds me of Mystique, showing that fashion as a second skin is already apparent in the fashion industry.
What do you think of future fashion?
Do you like the concepts above? Are they, in your eyes, achievable?
Doll love xXx


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you've not been feeling well recently.

    I really loved the new X-Men film as well, it was so well made. I love the idea of a dress that illuminates when it comes into contact with the skin, such a clever idea, and just generally the whole concept of clothing adapting to our needs!


  2. I hope you are feeling better soon :)

    Ive never really understood X-men, but im trying to understand it now the new ones realesed! :)