Friday, 26 August 2011

Colour Me *Blue*

Hey guys and dolls :)

I have recently joined Twitter, and been having fun writing random tweets and adding all my favorite shops, brands, and friends. I also thought it would be a good way of keeping up with trends, blogs, and fashion news. It is quite an addiction I must admit! However, I was very surprised at the number of fashion competitions and product giveaways advertised on Twitter. So I thought I'd go in for a few!

I was following the official Dainty Doll UK twitter page when I came across the fun competition of fictitiously renaming the brand; I called it Porcelain Promise. As I am one of those people who NEVER wins anything, so I was overjoyed to learn that I was among the lucky few that won a product from the Dainty Doll collection! 
The above eyeshadow is called Copacabana 004. 
The eyeshadow is powdery yet creamy, and it can be worn lightly for an understated look or it can be layered to give an intense wow factor to your eyes. I myself, wear Dainty Doll's pink eyeshadow 'Teach Me Tiger', and I love it! The coverage is great and it stays consistent throughout the day.
A lot of you know that Nicola Roberts is my fashion idol; I buy the products from her makeup range and I am loving her solo music career, so winning a prize created by my favorite ginger doll, made me ecstatic! The Dainty Doll range was originally exclusive to Harrods, but now it is available in store at Boots!!! This Doll is a very happy bunny!
I hope you liked this short post!
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Doll love xXx


  1. Hello, well done on winning!! Hahah, I have twitter but I don't use it cause I don't know what to do! ahah i will have to follow you. I love Nicola Roberts, she is a great icon for girls especially for not being the well known member of girls aloud she has broke out from the crowd and is a huge fashion icon now! I love her makeup and will defintly have to go boots now!! WOO exciting stufff ahha. xx


  2. Hehe thank you, I had the biggest smile when I go the package! Twitter confuses me soooooo much, but I'm trying to give it ago and add shops I like, trying to keep up to date with the world. Also, I like putting random tweets! I agree, Nicola is a good icon for girls, she's really come out of her shell and accepted herself - such a good role model! Definitely go to boots, its awesome!

    xx Sarah

  3. Congratulations on winning the eyeshadow, the colour looks absolutely gorgeous! Nicola Roberts has always been my favourite Girls Aloud member :-). I must getting adding my favourite shops on twitter, I barely follow anyone and despite having twitter for years I don't know how I'm meant to work it either!