Wednesday, 17 August 2011

London, darling

Helloo my guys and dolls!

I cannot believe I haven't posted in so long... I'm such a bad blogger :(
Alot of you know that I've been ill recently, well it got worse after my last post, hence my absence from the blogging community. I'm still really ill, (my medical condition, Fibromyalgia, is going through a rough patch), but I'm taking each day as it comes, and hopefully I will be updating my blog more regularly than I have been these past few weeks.

I hope you all can forgive me!
Last Wednesday, when I was feeling a lot better, my Mum took me up to London to an art exhibition. Although London was in riot lock down, Kensington was so beautiful that I completely forgot about the horrors that had been plaguing all our t.v screens. 

We went to Kensington Palace to see their exhibition "The Enchanted Palace".
The palace was transformed into an installation art exhibition filled with fashion, method actors, paintings, atmospheric music and sounds, magnificent light shows, and poetic stories documenting the lives of the seven princesses that lived within the palace walls.
My mother and I were I absolute awe!

We could take photos, thank god, but without flash which is understandable - however it was so dark due to the whole look and mysterious feel of the exhibition, that I was delighted that my camera captured such great images. All hail my DSLR!

Each room had individual names and themes corresponding to each princesses personality and history; I have labelled each picture with their 'room' titles.
The Room of Royal Sorrows.
Kensington Palace was like falling through a wardrobe into Narnia, taking the Matrix red pill, tumbling with Alice down the rabbit hole, joining David Bowie in Labyrinth, and turning a key in the door of the Secret Garden, all combined into one spellbinding exhibition. I literally caught my breath. It felt like I was in heaven, like I had stepped into my own mind... and I'd only entered the first room!
The Room of Palace Time.
The above mannequin sculpture was made by designer Boudicca; there were four art pieces in total, all of which were hanging from glorious chandeliers. Absolute hell to take a picture of due to their continuous spinning mixed with my cameras slow shutter speed. The mannequins were all dressed in scrap metal, clockwork gears, and general metallic rubbish fashioned into jewelry and futuristic garments.
The Room of Dancing Princesses.
"They danced into the dark, into the wild,
into the dark wild wood.
Each in their own way escaping."
The above blue image was my favorite picture I took and the most mesmerizing room that focused on Princesses Diana and Margaret. 
The Room of Royal Secrets.
The Room of Lost Childhood.
I saw this strange Pan's Labyrinth style child hiding in lit greenhouse. Very bizarre and terrifying... no wonder the children lost their childhood! This room symbolized the royal children that were often separated from their parents, they were seen but not heard. They were precious but not always loved, brought out on display in fabulous lace dresses and darling bonnets.  
Did you find the seven Princesses?
I actually found eight princesses... one was staring at me in the mirror!!! Trust me, I'm not being vain, the name Sarah means 'princess'!

Such a tiring day, which I later paid for as I spent the next two days in bed :( , but well worth it.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and I'm sorry for being away for so long :( 
I have missed you all!
Doll love xXx


  1. I missed your updates - I've been checking your blog constantly incase I had missed any bloglovin notification that came through! So glad that you posted though! I hope that you start feeling better again soon. This exhibition looks absolutely amazing, so jealous as I didn't even know that it was on. I love the feel to all the rooms, and the lit greenhouse is sombre but beautiful.


  2. Aw thank you Sarah, missed you too!
    The exhibition is amazing, seriously check it out on Kensington garden website for more info because it's still on :)

    xx Sarah

  3. I'm a boy, but I love your blog, ok!?


  4. Hell yeah its ok! :P thank you for visiting hun

    xx Sarah

  5. Hi Sarah, thanks for following my blog! Your photographs are so beautifully composed, and I can't believe how cool this exhibition was! I'll definitely be checking back regularly for more awesome pictures!
    Crimson :)