Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hey guys and dolls!
Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post, it really made me smile XD I'm very excited for Autumn!

A mini trend which is dominating the accessory market is Navajo tusks - no animals were harmed in the making of this post! So, I present to you designer Isabel Marant's 2011 Fall collection, based on Native American Navajo culture with a sportswear denim twist. A very exciting collection indeed, which incorporates fringing with oversized jumpers, embroidery, and wooly coats to keep you warm this Autumn/Winter.
Isabel Marant Tusk necklace 
Look at that fringing... Amongst the swishing tassels and monochromatic drama, a simple statement necklace stands out giving added texture and elegance to a chic disheveled look. The Topshop necklace below would make a perfect companion to a slouchy jumper or oversized tee; it combines the fringing element by staggering multiple black tusks around the bejeweled collar. The more I look at this necklace, the more I wish I could allow myself to spend the priced amount - sad jewelry lust times!
Chain and Tusk collar necklace: Topshop £28
However, I discovered this white tusk beauty at H&M for around £3.99! Bargain buy of the week... well my previous post had many bargain buys, but in this tusk trend, I think £3.99 pretty much wins the bargain award. H&M also have this necklace with a black tusk and silver chain; the chain length reaches my belly button, which is perfect for a stylish unkempt Navajo ensemble! 
The above picture is from Cynthia Rowley 's Resort collection 2012 that introduces a larger thicker tusk necklace on a more chic simplistic look, which will be perfect for this coming Spring. I also did a review on Cynthia Rowley's collection in my "hold me, wrap me up, unfold me......" post, so check it out if you wish :)

Hope you all enjoyed this post and are craving for some tusk-tastic accessory action! 
Oooo, I have a mission for you all; what do you think of this Aztec print oversized cardigan? I'm thinking of buying it as it is very Navajo comfy chic XD
Doll love xXx


  1. The aztec print jumper looks super comfy :-). I love the tusk necklaces that you've shown, if I'm honest I've never really considered them before because I rarely see them in shops, but they definitely add a quirky twist to any outfit and I'll be keeping an eye out for the jewellery in stores too.


  2. Tusk-tastic tickled me!
    Is that a little crown attached to the topshop necklace? A nice touch. I hadn't seen the IM collection - but i'm really fond of the navy/grey theme and the shorter dress lengths. And you always choose the loveliest accessories!
    Hope you are doing well x

  3. Sarah, I never considered tusks either 'til I was searching and noticed the designers we subtly using them. I find them really interesting I'm not sure why haha but you're right, they are quirky :) xx

    Louise, yay! I'm glad you enjoyed this post :) It is indeed a crown attached to that tusk necklace - it's so random but it works! IM collection is full of texture and I to love the colour scheme. I am a lot better at the moment :) got a bit more energy now. Hope your well too hun xx

  4. I'm a little obsessed with tusk jewellery to be honest!

    The cardigan is beautiful! Wouldn't suit me at all, being quite small, but I really think you could pull it off :)


  5. Interesting post! I might really get into this navajo trend soon

  6. WoW... there some cool pieces!
    love you blog
    follow me back :)