Thursday, 14 July 2011

" hold me, wrap me up, unfold me.......... "

Hey guys and dolls!

Recently I have been trying to upgrade my wardrobe by purchasing accessories that will enhance my look. Like every fashionista, I have way to many clothes than I realise and continuously buy without considering what is actually hidden away in my draws - the bane of being a fashion student haha!

As I have quite a large amount of jewelry, I have been focusing on buying accessories that have print and colour to spice up my monochrome clothing persona. Thus, the invention of silk scarves have caught my eye! Obviously not real silk because this Doll is unfortunately a typically poor student. But I have found some awesome buys and inspirations that I want to share with you all.
image copyright to Me
design and concept copyright to Helen Fiona 
The above headscarf display is an image I took at the Northumbria University 'Reveal' Exhibition 2011. This designer is a final year Fashion Marketing student, Helen Fiona, and has produced an A/W2012 collection for her new brand "Motifs of Joy", which makes bespoke hats and beautiful hand made silk scarves. Her headwear pieces ooze old Hollywood glamour, and I defy anyone who would not find her collection just breathtaking. I was struck instantly by the variety of gorgeous prints and delicate colours; her collection truly inspires me to focus more on the print side of my degree, as I love to illustrate and am a bit of a whiz on the computer side of fashion. 
copyright as before
The prints, as you can see, range from geometric shapes to etherial illustrations and are inspired by the Surrealist art movement.
Simply stunning! Be sure to visit her website to view her divine luxury hats and accessories. 

On to this Doll's fashion finds!
So far I have three accessory scarfs and I plan to buy two more from ASOS in the coming weeks - where else?!? Below are three picks of my scarfs :) The first scarf is deep navy blue with a white base, and brown/gold chain and rope prints, which is reminiscent of Ascot and equine like in design.

My rich brown scarf is vintage and was my first ever scarf buy! It has a beautiful burnt orange print of decaying roses and leaves. I call it my "Beauty and the Beast" scarf, due to the rose print connection to the rose the Beast keeps, as well as the brown hues mirroring Belle's hair.

The last scarf is made of a chiffon like polyester fabric and is in a jungle print. I don't usually buy jungle inspired prints because I'm not a fan of the way animal prints can look trashy and cheap, however this Giraffe print spoke to me. I think the addition of the fringing that runs along the longest outer seam, really makes this scarf stand out and more fashion forward than other animal print accessories. 
Blue scarf: £4 from Internacionale
Brown scarf: Vintage from London Camden Market
Giraffe fringe scarf: Lipsy sale £7ish
Below are my fashion inspirations for scarf accessory wear and styling. These two images are taken from  designer Cynthia Rowley and her Resort 2012 collection. I love the simplicity of the styling of the right image; the scarf adds tone to the shorts by harmonizing the two blue hues, whilst picking up the creamy tones of the underneath shirt with the scarfs subtle white print. 
In terms of styling a scarf, as much as I would love to wear headscarfs like the spectacular ones Helen Fiona has made, my head and hair just isn't made to wear anything! Every hair band or clip or hat I try to wear just falls off or makes me look like a five year old. So here is a *Doll tip* if you have an annoying head like me - take inspiration from Cynthia Rowley and tie your scarf into a slack pussy bow e.g. left image. This will add texture and shape to a basic tee or dress, and it can also work well for jazzing up office-wear if the scarf is placed underneath the collar of a crisp white shirt.  

 And finally, I leave you with these phenomenal scarfs by Coco, who is a French designer and graphic artist. The intricacy in design and print, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, leaves me jealous, amazed, and wanting more scarfs!!!
I hope you've enjoyed this post!

What do you think of scarfs? 
Would you wear them as an accessory?
Doll love xXx

p.s. the title of this blog is a song by Sia 'Breathe Me', check it out.


  1. Nice blog! Follow mine?

    Comment on one of my posts to let me know you followed, and I'll follow back.

  2. I love wearing scarfs, but I only have massive pashmina (sp?) ones and I just drap them around my neck (sort of!) I love the Coco scarfs, and the ones by Cynthia Rowley. Are the scarves on the hand models yours (I just wonder as the hand model things are cool, and the scarf on the right looks like the burnt orange one you mentioned). If so, they are absolutely gorgeous!

    Like you, I don't often wear scarves in my hair. Partly because it seems fiddly, I am impatient and I don't think I could constantly adjust my hair, and secondly because I don't think I'd have the confidence to wear something so bold in my hair, maybe I should give it a go though?


  3. yeah the scarfs on the hand models are mine :)
    defiantly give it a go hun! Want to see it on your blog hehe I used to have loads of pashminas they are nice!
    xx Sarah

  4. These are all so beautiful, but i am in awe of the Coco offerings. Your degree sounds quite wonderful, and i recall whilst doing mine (art) how I would wander into the fashion dept with a silly sort of longing to merge with them:))
    I tend to forget about accessories sometimes, and rarely contemplate how to use them appropriately - i just tend to thrown them around and hope for the best - but i am hoping to balance this out eventually. I am quite new to scarves in general, apart from a couple of snood style affairs last winter, so really need to experiment more. I really wish that my budget had graduated beyond that of my student days but it still hasn't, hehe. There's always hope!

  5. Hi Sarah
    Thanks for stopping by Secrets & your sweet comment.
    You too have a beautiful blog, so fresh and original.
    I've enjoyed reading your recent posts. I love scarfs - I have quite a few but they aren't the silk or satin type. They're cotton or knitted. I really like them as they tie outfits together. My faves are Noanoa, whistles and Lola rose.
    Kat x