Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The fast times of Edinburgh high....street.

Hey all!

As promised here is more about my Edinburgh trip with my boyfriend we took last weekend. This trip wasn't all about fun and games or the most important thing, shopping! Homework was on my mind.

 I got my University results and passed first year, yay, with one mark off a First! Very happy. However, we have been set homework to be completed over the summer, in preparation for second year. The brief; take pictures of street style, with a focus on denim. Edinburgh was an opportunity to go out with my new DSLR and take picks!!
My breakfast: Costa Soya Milk Hot Chocolate! Yum yum yummy!
One of Princes' street parks that we spent part of our day in. 
The day had two goals: find Urban Outfitters to buy a book, and photograph people who I thought were fashionable and on trend. The homework plan didn't get off to a good start as the first three people I asked, who had amazing outfits, all said no :( - I thought it best for this homework assignment to go up to people and ask if I could take their photograph, otherwise I wouldn't be able to get a good enough picture with people walking around. 

Luckily, after a spot of Pizza Hut lunch, my confidence came back and I photographed eleven people - progress in my summer homework has been made!
A group of posh friends enjoying the sunshine eating strawberries and cream.
Now, on to shopping!

We finally found Urban Outfitters after a tremendously epic walk - I didn't realise how long Princes' street is. I adore UO and I would love to work there or one day be part of their design team. UO is one of those 'lifestyle' brands that I really have a connection with and feel that my fashion style is like. If only we had an Urban Outfitters in Newcastle, and if only I had money, because I would shop there as much as ASOS!!! And that's saying something since I am known as the 'ASOS girl' to all my friends.
I bought a fantastic book called 'Style Diaries' which I thought would lend itself well to my summer homework research, as well as making a nice addition to my bookcase. I am a book nut! I can't stop buying books; I love to own them, I am never satisfied with borrowing from the library. 

This book includes a lot of famous fashion bloggers who are all trendsetters and muses in their own right. Bloggers like Susie Bubble from Style Bubble, Nancy Zhang, and some of my new favs, Tahti Syrjala, Cosette Munch at Crack Cosette, and Sunshine Hurlburt from Blog Full of Jelly. A good read, and a definite Doll *Must* for all fashion lovers and new bloggers... like me :D
My final shopping find just put the icing on the cake of an awesome day - I stumbled, literally, upon Edinburgh's Mulberry store! I was awe at the bags. So many lush beautiful bags that I would give my soul to own. I also saw a scarf in the sale and thought 'oooo I can buy this'... not for £100 :(
At the moment, Mulberry are celebrating their 40th Anniversary and have released their own book about the brand and its history, full of gorgeous pictures from photo shoots and behind the scenes action from their shows. In the store they were promoting the book, giving away the above pack of postcard sized pictures (images from their book) as well as golden Mulberry badges! I had the biggest smile on my face and still do!!!
The book is £55, and yes, I will be buying it! This is one book which I do not mind spending a lot of money on. Mulberry is my favorite brand and designer; this book is my personal Holy Grail. 

Have you had any fun adventures in Edinburgh?
What is the one place you want to visit in the whole world?
Doll love xXx

p.s. I would love to go to Venice in Italy!


  1. I never really shop in Urban Outfitters, not because I don't want to, but because I'm in Durham some of the year and there isn't one there or in Newcastle, and because I'm not sure if it will be expensive or not.

    I really want to visit Edinburgh, I'm thinking of maybe going in October time when I am up in Durham again, but I kind of want to go to either Finland, Sweden or France too, so many decision to make.

    Style Diaries seems like a good book to own, I should probably take a look at it, as I can read it on holiday. Like you, I am never satisfied until I own a book, there's something really disappointing about taking an enjoyable book back to the library, never mind the added stress of having to read it within a certain time frame.

    You should definitely buy the Mulberry book, especially as I know you adore the brand so much. Will it help you with your uni course too, heck I spent more money on books for my Politics course!


  2. I'm glad youre enjoying your time there, it makes me wish to revisit all the more! I loved Princes street so much:) Our UO is in Manchester, so quite a long journey from my small town, which always irritates me. I so wish they'd open a decent one here, but it isn't gonna happen.

    And yes yes, definitely buy the Mulberry book!

    You look so super cute and happy there with that hot chocolate, hehe. Oh, and congratulations on the results. I think it is a perfectly sadistic trick the way they swing more homework onto you over the hols. This always happened when I was studying too. You just get over that sigh of relief at the end of term and then WHAM, the work piles on once more.

  3. I have Style diaries to, isn't it fantastic? You should get face hunter another brilliant book!

    Thank you for your lovely comments btw :) x


  4. edinburgh is lovely in the summer, the shopping is amazing. all in all looks like a fab time, lovely pictures.

    Helen, X