Sunday, 31 July 2011

Trailing Cats in York

Hey Dolls!

Summer has come to town. This weekend I moved out of my house in Newcastle back down south to live with my parents for the rest of the summer; cue long car journeys, endless traffic, and one to many Costa soya hot chocolates! Yum! 

I know the temperature is colder up north, but to be wearing leggings and jeans with slouch cardigans one minute, and then change to shorts, tights, and commando arms, is just simply irritating. I'm a bit of a Scrooge when the weather changes drastically, or when the clocks go back and forth.... jet black nights turning into a light sky at 10pm really makes this doll pull her hair out! *not literally*

My boyfriend and I went on a day trip to York last week. Having never been, I was struck by the picturesque buildings and the delightful cobbled roads that make up the back alleys and walkways of the Shambles. The main purpose of this day was to explore York and go on 'The Cat Trail'. As a huge cat lover, I honestly couldn't pass up the opportunity to track down eighteen cat statues dotted around the centre of York.
I spotted this white ghost kitty before we even started to locate the first feline figurines - the above cat wasn't even on the cat trail! I discovered a nineteenth puss-cat!  
This is one of my favorite cats that is positioned on a roof stalking a stone pigeon. Many of the cats were placed around York by a local architect in the late seventies - they were his artist signature to show the buildings he had designed. 
Another awesome black cat on someone's balcony. If I lived in York, I would buy a house or apartment with a cat statue situated on the property! I would also be a cat lady and own three cats XD

Below is The Cat Gallery which acts as a half way point on the cat trail. It is a quaint little shop that does what it says on the tin - sells gifts for cat lovers. Although I really wanted to, I didn't buy any cat gifts, however my parents bought me a cat statue when they were in Cornwall, so yay I win. I might start a cat trail in my room!
A cute ice cream shop that caught my eye due to the bright calligraphy. 
YUMMY STUFF near the Shambles. 
you can just see my boyfriend on the left!
'... give the dog a bone' is a cute shop with many strange and wonderful things to buy. If you got to York you have to go to this shop! They have memorabilia from Batman comics (yay) to the Moomins. Cute kitsch crockery, fashion books, handmade jewelry, posters, embroidered owl toys, nostalgic sewing bits and pieces, plus awesome nick-nacks. I think if I stayed longer in that shop I may have bought many gorgeous things. 

I did however by this book;
I actually have the second book in the Goddess collection which is called 'The Goddess Experience", so I was keen to complete the set, as well as reading all the tips and fashion info Gisele writes about and illustrates so beautifully. If you do not have this book I highly recommend, in fact it is a *Doll must*!

Each page is like discovering hidden vintage jewelry in your Grandma's attic; a joy and a guilty pleasure. I am always awed, enthralled, and inspired by the mix media illustrations that Gisele colours the pages with. I will post some picks of the illustrations tomorrow, and a sneaky thing involving illustration that I did whilst I was York hehe!

I hope you are all well my readers, and thank you all so much for the lovely comments you did on my previous post! It made me so happy, as I love to hear what you are all thinking!
Doll love xXx


  1. Completely understand the bloody weather changes!!! I do that all the gtime with the black tights ahah, i have just given up and wear shorts and it rains....ahah I will defo have to check out that book!!
    Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog!! xxxxxxxxx

  2. York is so lovely, i was there last summer for the first time and can't wait to go back! I am a sucker for anywhere with such history, and of course the curious little shops are a bonus!

    The weather here is psychotic, as i so often fondly refer to it as. Humid, but so dull, it cannot make up its mind. Oh, and i love your new banner! I am still freewheeling in my mind over Mulberry - currently the small Bayswater satchel appeals to me. I need to save my pennies:)

  3. Hi!
    Do you remember the name of the street where you found that white ghostly cat that is not on the trail? I find it strange that it is not included.

  4. Hey doll! If I remember correctly, it is on the same street as the first cat on the trail on the same side of the road - it's hard to see because it's white, but it just before you see the first cat. Hope that helps :) I know, I found it strange it's not on the trail, might be know though xx