Saturday, 9 July 2011

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*Resort to the Maxi!*
Hey guys and Dolls

Sorry this edition of the ASOS diaries is late, has been a bit hectic this week with being ill, and then I was working at our University open day so I have been well and truly knackered! I have been catching up on my sleep.

But this doll is bak with a vengeance and more new posts

This weekend I visited Edinburgh with my boyfriend; we had gorgeous weather and I got sunburnt! I thought it was  perfect opportunity to break out my new maxi skirt. I have been searching for a while to find a cheap simple black bodycon maxi skirt but alas, every high street store turned up blank :( Bored one day I was trawling through the ASOS sale and I came across the below maxi skirt!!! YAY! 
Maxi skirt: ASOS
Silk scarf: Peacocks
Vest: H&M
Shoes: old New Look
This ASOS maxi skirt fits like a glove, note the jersey bodycon material, and it also has a small slit up the back to give movement and freedom for your legs. It was very cheap, around £15, which I thought was pretty reasonable. I would like another maxi skirt that would allow more movement with a nice breezy thin material and not my in my favorite black colour, but again I haven't found any skirts that fit the bill. 

This skirt from Motel might just be what I have been searching for! Its lustrous deep wine colour caught my eye instantly, and with gorgeous dramatic pleats this skirt is right on trend. It's in sale at £19! So go check it out at Motel Rocks - I'm waiting for money to fill my bank so I can rock this maxi skirt!!!
Here is some inspiration for styling your maxi skirt straight off the catwalk from designer Alice & Olivia's Resort collection 2012. I adore the monochrome look, but I also like how they have styled their statement maxi skirts with a vibrant block colour simple t-shirt, leaving accessories to texturize this smooth and flowing ensemble. I also loving their maxi dresses; the skinny belt helps to sinch in your waist giving form and figure where appropriate.    
Watch out for more posts about my Edinburgh adventures coming soon!

Are you rocking the maxi trend?
How would you style your look?
Doll love xXx


  1. I love the white maxi from the resort collection best of all. Your own bodycon skirt is fantastic, though, especially teamed with that scarf! I have been leaning more towards Asos lately too - i find that their skirts are a bit better quality than topshop, which is my usual go-to for such things. In fact, I'm loving skirts so much right now that it has eclipsed my legendary love of dresses.

    I hope youre feeling better now, though. I absolutely adore Edinburgh and haven't been there in years. A wonderful place, and so friendly.

  2. I hope that you're feeling better now, especially after getting lots of rest. I hope that you had a lovely time in Edinburgh too, and I look forward to reading more about your time there, sorry that you go sunburnt though!

    I love your maxi skirt, it looks super comfortable to wear and it looks really versatile too. Love the deep wine coloured maxi too, it's such a beautiful colour!


  3. Lovely outfit! Those maxi skirts are hard to pull off, but they are really beautiful!! I like those pictures too:)