Thursday, 30 June 2011

X-Men First Class: Future Fashion

Hey guys and dolls!

Sorry I haven't written any posts sooner. I have been ill this week; my medical condition is going through a bad patch, so I've had to rest and do nothing because I'm in a lot of pain. But onwards and upwards, keeping positive and getting on with things.

Todays post is about Future Fashion and the new film X-Men First Class.
A couple of weeks ago, I went to the cinema with the boyfriend to check out the new X-Men film, very excited to see the origins of core characters such as Magneto, Professor X, and Mystic. My boyfriend and I are comic book lovers, our favorite being Batman; we prefer DC comics over Marvel. However, although X-Men is from Marvel comics, we still love it!

A brilliantly made film with lots of action and drama. Set in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the good and evil divide seen in the previous X-Men films becomes apparent as we learn what it is like to be a mutant, and how they come to terms with their superior power in everyday life. 
My favorite character is Mystique, a girl taken under Charles Xavier's wing at a young age, she is aware of the prejudice and dangers towards mutants. However her alliance ultimately lies with Erik (Magneto), who teaches her to love her true self, not to hide her blue skin and to be 'mutant and proud'. 

The makeup for Mystique's character took eight hours each day!!!

Mystique's skin reminded me of an essay about 'future fashion' we had to write for one of our modules this year at Uni. My focus in the essay was to look at how future fabrics in fashion can aid medical conditions such as M.E and Fibromyalgia (my condition). Through my research I found some amazing advances in fashion that remind me of Mystique due to their skin like qualities.
Fabrican Ltd has developed a spray on fabric technology that could revolutionize the fashion industry. It is described on their website as 'unique-couture in a can', and is an aerosol that can create an innovative non-woven material with the possibilities of layering and molding, to make clothing and textiles. 

Below is a project called 'Crochet Membrane' by Sonja Baumel, which is a scientific visualization on how our own bacteria can create new clothing that would be able to respond to our bodily senses, like temperature. The membrane would be able to react and change in consistency and viscosity according to what our body needs. I find the crochet pieces stunningly beautiful; check out her site at
We also had a couple of lecturers come from London to explain their views and the developments made within the topic of future fashion.
Nancy Tilbury was one of those lecturers who shared with us a conceptual project called 'Digital Skins' that combines fashion and science to create designs that connect with the human body. The above image is one of their pieces called the 'Flesh dress', which is a skin extension and flesh growth concept. It is a metaphor for 21st Century beautification. Her blog Digital Skins Body Atmospheres has an amazing video that showcases biological couture future fashion, set in 2050. 

Philips Design has created a beautiful technological dress, a skin probe that explores and emulates the functions of our largest organ i.e. skin. This far-future design is called 'The Bubelle', otherwise known as the blushing dress, and it behaves specifically to the person wearing it. This delicate bubble responds to skin contact by illuminating in various LED colours and patterns. 
WOW! How amazing and mind-boggling are these concepts? I fell in love with this future fashion topic as soon as we were set the essay. I think that finding a way to improve medicine through fashion and textiles is extremely innovative and forward thinking. There are so many new fabrics and chemical combinations to discover, that our future is limitless. My condition is relatively unknown and to find a medicinal way to improve quality of life for those with Fibromyalgia, through fashion, has become a future goal of mine.

I think you can see I am very passionate about this subject!

To finish off, I present an image from Vogue Nippon (Japan) that shows Lily Donaldson as an underwater futuristic mermaid. This Alexander McQueen bodysuit reminds me of Mystique, showing that fashion as a second skin is already apparent in the fashion industry.
What do you think of future fashion?
Do you like the concepts above? Are they, in your eyes, achievable?
Doll love xXx

Sunday, 26 June 2011

*Mulberry* love: Resort 2012!

Hey everyone!
I've been doing my fashion research recently, looking up trends, surfing the Vogue website, perusing designers and their collections. On this fashion indulgence I came across the Resort 2012 collections, which have been posted on, and I become infatuated by Mulberry's ensembles. 

Mulberry is one of my favorite fashion designer brands, not only because they have gorgeous bags, but also due to their amazing advert campaigns, and the concepts they choose to design their collections on. I am a big storyteller when it comes to creating a project; I've wanted to be an author since I was three. So Mulberry tick all the boxes for me as they use a lot of inspirations including literature - we are kindred spirits, free falling into a rabbit hole full of wonder and fantasy. 

I would like to work for them more than anything. 
In this collection, Mulberry focus on British seaside life, in particular the sea and sand colours and texture. As with all Mulberry collections, the design team like to have fun by keeping their clothes cute and youthful; I love their development on this seasons fruits trend! Many of their knitted pieces feature fruit that have comic google-eyes and a bold solid colour print, which I find to be refreshing and charming. The knits look very cute when combined with their A-line skirts, creating a girly silhouette.  

The styling tips I am stealing, hehe, are the adorable merging of pop socks and heels. 
I'm not a big fan of my ankles and bottom half of my legs because I suffer from eczema, so to be able to get my legs out but have the worst part covered up is great! And since it was 26 degrees in Britain today, I don't think I will be able to stand wearing leggings or tights any longer!

I found these New Look socks that would be perfect for Mulberry-izing your outfit. *whisper* its 3 pairs for £4! Bargain!

*Doll find*
As not many of us can afford a real Mulberry bag *crys*, I have found this cute River Island Satchel Bag from ASOS, which will be perfect for festivals, summer styling, and of course, copying Mulberry! Their hobo and satchel bags are an essential finishing part to the Mulberry look, plus the tan colour will breathe a breath of fresh air into a summer outfit. 

See their full Resort collection: Mulberry Resort 2012

Hope you liked this mini fashion report!

What do you like about the Mulberry collection?
Any styling aspects you'll use?

Doll love xXx

Saturday, 25 June 2011

~ The ASOS diaries ~ (5)

It's that time of the week again! The ASOS diaries in 'Sweet Surrender'.
Last month I entered a competition on an online fashion store called Motel, who's clothing I am in love with - check them out:

Although I did not win the coveted prize of £200 worth of Motel Rocks clothing and a Model's Own makeup goodie bag, *sigh*, I DID get a runner up prize; 15% of any Motel clothing... YAAAAAAY! What can I say, I was a happy bunny XD

So I bought a statement bodycon skirt in my signature colours of black and white. This skirt is an absolute dream - it fits too perfection and can be worn on the hip or waist. It has a zip up back that doesn't ruin the design or bunch up the fabric like I find with some skirts. Although I look like a humbug, I think these stripes are good way to brighten up a night out on the town without attracting the wrong sort of attention. Living in Newcastle, its hard to compete with the 'Geordie Shore' type girls, so I prefer to ditch the fake tan and be bold in my fashion choices, standing out with daring statement pieces; stay true to your fashion self!
Skirt: Motel
Tights, shoes: ASOS
Vest: H&M
Now for the ASOS focus of this post. 

I present a very versatile monochrome 60's inspired bangle, that can be worn with evening/clubbing wear as I am, or with jeans, a colour block tee and some stylish Converses. Although the double dose of black and white stripes may seem a bit OTT, I'm channeling one of this seasons trends called Maximalism. Heavily decorative ensembles, adding layer open layer of accessories, print, texture and colour - I just skipped out colour because I live in a monochrome bubble :P
Bangle and armour ring: ASOS
I'd like to thank and feature blogger Raspberry & Rouge whose excellent post inspired me to finally buy this fantastic bangle, as it had been waiting in my ASOS saved shopping basket for awhile!

For those who haven't heard of Raspberry & Rouge, I urge you to check out her blog at , as she has some fantastic fashion outfit posts supported by gorgeous photography, that always makes me envious of the clothes she wears. Raspberry & Rouge and her blog was recently featured in Dutch magazine VIVA! An amazing achievement for one of my favorite bloggers :)

Checkout her outfit post featuring the ASOS bangle:
Outfit: A Sheer Skirt and some DIY
Hope you enjoyed this weeks ASOS Dairies :)
Don't forget to check out Motel clothing and blogger Raspberry & Rouge!!!
Doll love xXx

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Broken Biscuit: More Biscuit Factory!!!

More adventures of what I found in the Biscuit Factory!

I'm slightly obsessed with birds at the moment - I love that they can just be so free and limitless, something which I aspire to be. They have such grace and beauty; I find them beautiful yet so mysterious. My favorite bird is the hummingbird as they come in such a array of colours and are small fragile creatures, like me! I think I could do a whole catwalk collection on hummingbirds!

However, currently I am fascinated by crows, ravens and rooks. They are normally associated with death or bad omens but I see them as art in motion, like unwanted inkblots on the brilliantly blue painted sky. I think its their rough and messy look that attracts me too them because my work and illustration style is messy and unfinished. Also I love the colour black haha!

Here are some bird related art that I discovered at the Biscuit Factory:
Box Book
by Sarah Morpeth
Torquils Book
by Sarah Morpeth
I am in love with artist Sarah Morpeth's box paper creations! Hopefully my photos do her art justice, as they were visually stunning to look at, with all the paper covered in typography in a variety of sizes and font. I adore how the black and brown colours bleed into each other on the trees featured in the 'Torquils Book' piece.

Although there was a lack of information at the exhibit, I assume that the pop up books are created by hand cutting the shapes as well as using a laser cutter machine. Sarah Morpeth's work reminds me of internationally known paper cut out artist Rob Ryan - both have exceptional talent and a beautiful design aesthetic. 
Nest detail cut out
by Rob Ryan
Birds always remind of the story 'Skellig' by David Almond, which I read as a child as part of our reading requirement in secondary school, and I also performed the play version in an amateur theatre group. The story is exceptionally written with dark undertones, as a young boy finds a disturbing creature like man in his shed who likes to eat Chinese food. It is never revealed if man is indeed human, a bird, a fairy tale creature, or in fact a fallen angel; I love the obscurity! 
Skellig by David Almond
Here is another find from the Biscuit Factory; two beautifully haunting crow/man sculptures that captured my imagination and artistic eye. Again, they remind me of 'Skellig' or something sinister you would find at the bottom of your garden where fairies live.
by Zoe Robinson
made of Wire

Their rough, wired, and skeletal appearance and somewhat chilling aura, makes me think of the recent film "Black Swan". The love of dark and twisted things that resides in me, connects deeply with the messages and story in Black Swan. I know many people have had a marmite experience with this film because of its dark content and disturbing approach to Swan Lake, but to me, this is what acting and life is all about. Life isn't always peaches and cream, the world can often be a mysterious and dangerous place. I try to include elements of this belief in my own artwork; I like to take dark and macabre subjects and find the beauty within them.
Von Rothbart
main antagonist in Swan Lake
Image from film Black Swan
From a fashion outlook, the costumes in the Black Swan made me want to go back into acting! Or start designing my own bird inspired outfits, which would help towards that bird catwalk show dream of mine haha. 

I love the style of illustration used below, as it is very simplistic yet heavily focused on the detail in both costumes. It also makes me happy that both drawings have very long thin legs! Although fashion drawings are meant to have overly long legs, I am often criticized about how thin I make the legs on my own illustrations - if a costume designer can draw them this thin, why can't I?
Costume Design drawings from Black Swan

And finally I leave you with a picture of the stunning Natalie Portman in her gorgeous Odile costume; a superb actress, whose performance I could never take my eyes off.
What are feelings about the film "Black Swan"?
What is your favorite bird?
love Doll xXx

p.s. I also love magpies, as I am a self proclaimed fashion magpie myself! Next week I'll start my jewelry posts called Magpie Land - look out for them :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

~ The ASOS diaries ~ (4)

Today I present you with this weeks issue of The ASOS diaries!

If there is one hobby area I am terrible at, it would be sport - I can't run, throw, jog, kick, jump... the best I can do is ice skate! So, as you would expect, I never really invest in sports wear. I'm also not a big fan of the chavy tracksuit look. 

However, this seasons trend called 'Sports Luxe' has caught my eye! Think Flash Dance comfort mixed with sophistication - less sweat more glam. By layering basic shapes with fluid fitting fabrics and and tailored jersey, the simplicity of the Sport Luxe trend can be achieved.
Jumper & Shoes: ASOS
(Underneath) Crop top & Leggings: H&M
Earrings: New Look
Headphones: my flat mate Tom
Hoodys provide comfort and security but they are also a key feature in the Sports Luxe trend. I prefer jersey or zip up jumpers to hoodys because my Mum is always nagging me to show off my figure, and I find hoodys tend to make me look too relaxed - we need the glam in this trend!!! So I have opted for this hooded jersey jumper dress from ASOS; keeps me warm yet still allows me to stay cool by unzipping the front - hoodys tend to make me boil.
Zip Front Dress with Contrast Sleeves
in Grey Marl
As the summer is usually the season that brings sunshine and heat, us fashionistas need to keep cool relaxed, as we defiantly do not want any sweat patches on show! Therefore racer back vests and baggy crop tops will build the foundations of your ensemble.
However, with all this simplicity talk, you might be thinking, where is the excitement in the styling? I like to buy tops with interesting slogans on to keep my outfit interesting. When I saw the above H&M crop top with the words "Running Wild" stamped across its knot tied chest in a Vogue style typography, I just couldn't resist the irony; my medical condition means I have the inability to run. What can I say, dark humor makes me chuckle.

But I digress.
Above are two catwalk pieces from Isabel Marant S/S 2011 collection, which I think represent the Sports Luxe trend to perfection! Another way to bring your outfit alive and give your basic pieces an edge is to find clothing with mesh inserts or sheer panels. If you like above right Isabel Marant beige mesh jumper, there is a good quality replica in New Look - cost friendly and in a variety of colours! 
Canvas Lace Up Bootie
in Pink (I'd say Dusky Pink)
Shoes are very important for this trend! Wearing your old trainers is not going to make the cut. I've noticed that lace up shoes are making a come back on the catwalk, and by lace ups I don't just mean simple converse lace ups. It is now considered a fashion detail to have lace ups without the tongue to protect the feet from the laces rubbing. As you can see below, the removal of the shoe tongue is being showcased in heels and boots by designers Alexander McQueen and Emilio Pucci - I was astonished to find that my own ASOS Lace Up Booties (above) that do not have a shoe tongue, do not hurt my feet at all! In fact it actually keeps my feet quite cool, a good buy for holidays. And I adore the backs which feature a peephole heel!

*Doll Tip* You could try customizing your own smart heels and brogues by removing the original laces and changing them for coloured or patterned trainer laces - can anyone say Sports Luxe?!?
Top Left: Lacoste, Top Right: Emilio Pucci, Bottom: Alexander McQueen
All three are: S/S RTW 2011

Another sub trend of Sports Luxe is combining it with the Underwear as Outerwear look. Take inspiration from the below Acne clothing dress that has merged layered jersey with a boned bandeau bustier dress. Simple, beautiful, and if I had the money I would buy it! Nonetheless, ASOS have provided a do it yourself alternative by selling a basic fitted jersey crop bandeau in six stylish colours - can be worn underneath mesh jumpers and drop armhole racer back vests. 
 Bustier dress

*Doll Tip*: keep accessories to a minimum, and take a break from all the styling tools by having your hair as laid back and relaxed as your look; messy buns, subtle bed head, and tousled salt-sprayed locks are a must!

Are you loving the Sports Luxe trend?
Doll love xXx