Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Biscuit Factory: Yummy fashion!!!

Today I went to explore the Biscuit Factory, which is known as the UK's largest commercial art gallery located in Newcastle upon Tyne. It consists of two exhibition floors and two artists' studios; the gallery exhibits a wide range of artistic media such as paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, glass and film.

The gallery was very spacious and beautifully laid out and I found some lovely little gems that I though I'd share with you all.

The first find I came across (gem *1*), were these delightful brooches made by textile artist Amanda Fatherazi, who was called by Liberty in 2009 as "Best of British" designer. Her brooches are handmade from felt, vintage fabrics and beads; such attention to detail and exquisite embellishment skills! I find these brooches fascinating, each piece evokes beauty and glamour that remind me of old Hollywood movies like Casablanca (1942), and actresses such as Audrey Hepburn and Mae West. 
Which was why I was happy to read that Amanda Fatherazi's influences for her designs come from her love of film noir thrillers and Golden age Hollywood glamour. This Doll is on the same wave length!!!
Above Left: Saucy Blonde Brooch
Above Right: Chelsea Girl Polly brooch (Fair)
Saucy Auburn Brooch
This is my favorite brooch of them all! *Doll pick* because it depicts this ginger doll as a glamourous stage starlet!

Gem number *2*, made me think instantly of this seasons Fruit print trend; graduate Rosita Bonita, also known as Rowenna Harrison, has created these hand crafted leather necklaces that celebrate tropical carnivals and cabaret. The pieces start off as intricate illustrations that tie in directly with the fruit and floral trend, as seen on the runway with designer Stella McCartney in his S/S 2011 RTW collection.
I do love the fruit trend but I don't think I'll be wearing any of these prints this summer - I'm more of a floral girl, not paisley floral prints but graphic distressed decaying prints, or black based flowers with bold inserts. Which is why I my favorite pieces of her collection were these two floral necklaces teamed with humming birds, shown below. White and black flowers can't go wrong with me! I love that you can still tell that these necklaces come from illustrations there's something organic about them. 
You can find out more about this artist at her website: http://rositabonita.com


Lastly, gem number *3*, comes from jewelry label Haberdash House and was established by Marie Liddell in 2007, and is based in Edinburgh. This label is all about fun, frivolity and joy, by using bright energetic colours, like in this collection "Roll Up...Roll Up..." which is based on circus life. The jewelry is made from laser cut perspex and plywood, whilst the brooches are hand embroidered to give a strong tactile contrast to the clean laser-cutting technique.   
I am so in love with this jewelry collection it's not even funny! The animal charms are so kitsch that it reminds me of old school American scene kid jewelry, but with more of fun fashionista edge. I recently did a project on Carousel Horses so I adore the above necklace, especially as the bright colours are combined with black to make the pop even more! Also, if you haven't already guessed, I love the colour black!
There is alot of animal jewelry out at the moment so this collection is bang on trend! It is also reminiscent of the recent film "Water for Elephants" which I highly recommend - see my review at the below link:

All in all I've had an awesome day! And I hope you all have too :)
Which is your favorite artist/jewelry piece from this post? And why?

Doll love xXx

p.s. all photos are taken and copyright to me


  1. I think my favorite are the animal jewelry. There's something about the color and size of the animals that makes it really bold looking and could make any outfit pop!

  2. thankyou for the comment Fashion Addict :)
    I agree, the animal jewelry truly is my fav! xx

  3. I love the elephant necklaces! At first because it was called the biscuit factory I thought it made biscuits :-/. I need to visit when I'm up in Newcastle again.



  4. thank you for your comment Michelle :D

    haha I agree Sarah, I originally thought it made biscuits too! was majorly disappointed when I did see any bourbons :P

  5. I think I need me some biscuits before bed tonight, you have got me thinking about them :-P! Thanks for directing me to the motel website by the way, i've never heard of them before and they do some lovely dresses! I definitely need to look into them more near to payday, it's really tempting me too much at the moment to spend money I don't have!


  6. Ooh great items!! Love the bird / flower necklace. What a cool little gallery that must be!

    Sadie x