Saturday, 25 June 2011

~ The ASOS diaries ~ (5)

It's that time of the week again! The ASOS diaries in 'Sweet Surrender'.
Last month I entered a competition on an online fashion store called Motel, who's clothing I am in love with - check them out:

Although I did not win the coveted prize of £200 worth of Motel Rocks clothing and a Model's Own makeup goodie bag, *sigh*, I DID get a runner up prize; 15% of any Motel clothing... YAAAAAAY! What can I say, I was a happy bunny XD

So I bought a statement bodycon skirt in my signature colours of black and white. This skirt is an absolute dream - it fits too perfection and can be worn on the hip or waist. It has a zip up back that doesn't ruin the design or bunch up the fabric like I find with some skirts. Although I look like a humbug, I think these stripes are good way to brighten up a night out on the town without attracting the wrong sort of attention. Living in Newcastle, its hard to compete with the 'Geordie Shore' type girls, so I prefer to ditch the fake tan and be bold in my fashion choices, standing out with daring statement pieces; stay true to your fashion self!
Skirt: Motel
Tights, shoes: ASOS
Vest: H&M
Now for the ASOS focus of this post. 

I present a very versatile monochrome 60's inspired bangle, that can be worn with evening/clubbing wear as I am, or with jeans, a colour block tee and some stylish Converses. Although the double dose of black and white stripes may seem a bit OTT, I'm channeling one of this seasons trends called Maximalism. Heavily decorative ensembles, adding layer open layer of accessories, print, texture and colour - I just skipped out colour because I live in a monochrome bubble :P
Bangle and armour ring: ASOS
I'd like to thank and feature blogger Raspberry & Rouge whose excellent post inspired me to finally buy this fantastic bangle, as it had been waiting in my ASOS saved shopping basket for awhile!

For those who haven't heard of Raspberry & Rouge, I urge you to check out her blog at , as she has some fantastic fashion outfit posts supported by gorgeous photography, that always makes me envious of the clothes she wears. Raspberry & Rouge and her blog was recently featured in Dutch magazine VIVA! An amazing achievement for one of my favorite bloggers :)

Checkout her outfit post featuring the ASOS bangle:
Outfit: A Sheer Skirt and some DIY
Hope you enjoyed this weeks ASOS Dairies :)
Don't forget to check out Motel clothing and blogger Raspberry & Rouge!!!
Doll love xXx


  1. Thanks love! You look fab wearing that bangle! XO Rebecca

  2. I love your skirt, it's super lovely and really suits you. You have a great figure too, so jealous! It's good to stand out anyway, and not to blend in with all the other girls in Newcastle :-). I checked out too, and I really liked it!


  3. I like how the horizontals of the humbug work with the verticals of the tights - here's hoping I have this the correct way around! I'm not all that familiar with Motel, only via Topshop, so I'm gonna have to go and have a look there.

    I also wanted to say that I was reading your other blog: you are a wonderful writer, the posts are so poignant, and I love how you are creating something so positive, so beautiful from the negative experiences.

  4. artandghosts: aww thank you! :) I haven't written on that blog for awhile, but it means a lot to me that you read and liked it! It is hard to live with my condition but I find writing helps a lot, its very cathartic :) xx

    Sarah: thank you for your comment :) I'm glad you understand what I mean about Newcastle girls! It's great to be different! Am looking forward to reading more of your adventures of you London antics xx