Thursday, 2 June 2011


Today the world experienced the debut of Nicola Robert's new song "Beat of My Drum" on Radio 1 The Scott Mills show. Although Nicola seemed nervous, her new single has made all of her fans proud, including me! Finally we can hear Nicola's voice in all its richness. The song is very catchy, with a fast tempo and a bit of techno thrown into the mix. I have to say, I am completely feeling it, and most definitely dancing to the beat of her drum! 
If you missed it, don't worry the song will be available for pre-order download on itunes now! The single is out Sunday 5th June, and the full video also is premiering this Sunday on Channel 4 at 12.30pm. And below are the teaser videos - I cannot wait to see the full video! I am seriously excited. I have always loved Nicola Roberts; my mum and I were always counting how many shots she has in the Girls Aloud videos, as we were convinced she had less than the other girls. Now Nicola can no longer be over looked! She is a fashion icon, a member of Girls Aloud, and now a phenomenal solo artist. Team Ginge has arrived and I am definitely on her side. Go Nicola, this doll is so proud of you! 
I have already pre-ordered her album Cinderella's Eyes from, which will be released later this year.... I think I'm going to order a signed copy from her official website too!
Nicola Roberts in London outside Radio 1 studios.
What do you guys think of the song?
It may not be for everyone but I love this song, I love Nicola Roberts, and I am on Team Ginge!!!
Doll love xXx 
p.s. here is a pick of me outside the Dainty Doll makeup stand in Harrods, London!

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