Sunday, 26 June 2011

*Mulberry* love: Resort 2012!

Hey everyone!
I've been doing my fashion research recently, looking up trends, surfing the Vogue website, perusing designers and their collections. On this fashion indulgence I came across the Resort 2012 collections, which have been posted on, and I become infatuated by Mulberry's ensembles. 

Mulberry is one of my favorite fashion designer brands, not only because they have gorgeous bags, but also due to their amazing advert campaigns, and the concepts they choose to design their collections on. I am a big storyteller when it comes to creating a project; I've wanted to be an author since I was three. So Mulberry tick all the boxes for me as they use a lot of inspirations including literature - we are kindred spirits, free falling into a rabbit hole full of wonder and fantasy. 

I would like to work for them more than anything. 
In this collection, Mulberry focus on British seaside life, in particular the sea and sand colours and texture. As with all Mulberry collections, the design team like to have fun by keeping their clothes cute and youthful; I love their development on this seasons fruits trend! Many of their knitted pieces feature fruit that have comic google-eyes and a bold solid colour print, which I find to be refreshing and charming. The knits look very cute when combined with their A-line skirts, creating a girly silhouette.  

The styling tips I am stealing, hehe, are the adorable merging of pop socks and heels. 
I'm not a big fan of my ankles and bottom half of my legs because I suffer from eczema, so to be able to get my legs out but have the worst part covered up is great! And since it was 26 degrees in Britain today, I don't think I will be able to stand wearing leggings or tights any longer!

I found these New Look socks that would be perfect for Mulberry-izing your outfit. *whisper* its 3 pairs for £4! Bargain!

*Doll find*
As not many of us can afford a real Mulberry bag *crys*, I have found this cute River Island Satchel Bag from ASOS, which will be perfect for festivals, summer styling, and of course, copying Mulberry! Their hobo and satchel bags are an essential finishing part to the Mulberry look, plus the tan colour will breathe a breath of fresh air into a summer outfit. 

See their full Resort collection: Mulberry Resort 2012

Hope you liked this mini fashion report!

What do you like about the Mulberry collection?
Any styling aspects you'll use?

Doll love xXx


  1. I love the dress in the third picture, Mulberry creates such wonderful looks. I love the whole socks with heels look as well, and I'm really wanting to check out New Look now for those socks, they are super cute and such a bargain! It was boiling today, definitely too hot for leggings now.


  2. I'm excited to buy the socks too haha I will have to do a post with my shoes and socks :P
    so hot up here right now!
    xx Sarah

  3. the top with the pear on it is unbelievably cute! Thank you for sharing your Mulberry love with us :)

    Come follow my blog sweetie :)