Friday, 3 June 2011

~ The ASOS diaries ~ (2)

As promised, here is the second installment of my weekly ASOS Diaries!!!

This week, it's all about accessories! Even the simplest outfit can be enhanced by accessories, whether it be a statement necklace, funky bracelets or brightly coloured shoes, accessories are the key to a great put together look. Always have a happy medium with accessories.
*Doll Tip* don't over do it with accessories, as a good clean cut outfit can be ruined by a bulky necklace: remember to always know what look your are going for - if its a festival look then go wild with bangles and rope bracelets, but a formal look will always look better with a simple necklace. Think about what you want to say about you and your outfit with accessories.

For me, accessories allow me to show my arty magpie side (I think this doll is flying the nest with this whole magpie nonsense), rings are my absolute favorite so I will be doing a fashion ring post soon!! However another love of mine is earrings! I have ten piercings; 8 in my ears, one in my belly button and one on my nose - no dodgy stuff people!  So, with many piercings to experiement with, earrings our also another way to express my fashion loves.
Two Tone Structured Earrings
ASOS: £10
ASOS earring link
I found these architectural beauties whilst I was perusing ASOS the other day. I love to put overly large statement earrings in my 'firsts', sometimes I go for an asymmetric thing and only wear one! But these reminded me so much of fashion designer Gareth Pugh that I just had to buy them; his pieces are very sculptural and artistic, basically art in motion and incredible craftsmanship. His S/S 2007 collection is reminiscent of the chess pieces Alice encounters in wonderland, in "Through the Looking-Glass"by Lewis Carroll. Whilst Pugh's S/S 2011 shows a softer side to usual sharp structured collections; the draping and shapes made by the rubber material is simply divine.  
Gareth Pugh
Spring/Summer RTW 2007 slideshow
Gareth Pugh
Spring/Summer RTW 2011 slideshow
Finally I leave you with yet another addition to my shoe collection, with these gorgeous sparkling ballet pumps, another nod towards this seasons 'colour block' trend. They make me feel like Dorothy... only ginger.... and with blue shoes! 
London Rebel Jewel Ballerina Pumps
ASOS: £28, RRP £40
ASOS shoe link
Hope you enjoyed this post guys and dolls!
What do you think of these accessories - do you like? What would you wear them with?

Doll love xXx


  1. I love your earrings, they look great. I agree with you, a formal dress would look odd with bohemian type accessories, and likewise a gypsy dress would look odd with really posh jewellery. I love your flat shoes too, they are such a lovely colour. Lovely blog by the way, I really like the background! :-)


  2. thank you for your comment Sarah :) really has made my day! can't wait for your next post btw. My background is a bit of art paper i scanned in haha

  3. You're welcome. I really like the background, it's so unique to your blog because you scanned it in and everything :-).

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, it is very much appreciated! The job I am starting is as an Insurance Underwriter, which is pretty scary as I know nothing about it! I'm definitely going to take some more pictures of areas around where I live, it's really pretty and I'm going to appreciate it :-).


  4. First of all: I really enjoyed this post!
    Second: AMAZING combo of earrings and I love how you drew on the reference to Gareth Pugh (love him). Awesome.
    Which fashion area are you studying?
    I did writing fashion and culture in the UK, just finished and just left the UK, but I do miss it so badly.

  5. thank u for ur sweet commment!! i LOVE ACCESSORIES!!!! i load them on! i have a ridiculous amount of them!

  6. movesnmunchies - thank you for your comment as well! i agree, i have SO many accessories its insane - gona do some jewelry posts soon so you'll see how many i have :P xx

    Caroline - I'm so glad you love my post :D Gareth Pugh is a legend!
    I'm studying Fashion Marketing but it has a heavy emphasis on design; we do photography, made a magazine and trend books etc. UK is awesome but it rains so much :( ! xx

  7. I like your blue shoes ! :)