Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Doll Boho Colour Blocking

A quick post today!
When it comes to colour, my wardrobe is severely lacking; my mum likes to nag me about how I only ever wear black and white, which is true but that's just my style.
Crop top: H&M
Jacket and Bag: ASOS
Shoes: New Look
However I do like the boho look with its tones of brown and wide range of prints, such as Aztec, animal print and geometric. Animal print isn't my thing but I couldn't resist this butterfly print crop top from H&M! Butterflies are one of my favourite animals/insects and I thought why not, the colour matches my hair! This crop top is also my own way of incorporating this seasons Colour Block trend; colour is big, colour is everywhere, colour is now! So this H&M top with its various hues of orange is in! It is a slightly muted and sombre orange, but that's right up my street. The top also comes in blue/green for those who aren't afraid of colour like me!

H&M is one of my Doll favourties at the moment when it comes to looking for and buying colour; I was in there today and felt like I was in the Bahamas there was so much bright clothes.

*Doll Tip* Colour blocking is in but if your aren't comfortable with colour like me, add it to your wardrobe with bright necklaces and rings or a cropped jumper/t-shirt, so you can spice up your normal style with a small dash of colour.

Another big trend for summer is White - now that I like!
Doll love xXx

P.S: I like to think of my style as a fashionable hobo; not too much thought goes into it with boho browns mixed in with a black and white newspaper ensemble!

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