Monday, 1 August 2011

Illustrations of a Goddess

Hello my beauties,

As promised, I am posting some of the lovely content that you will find in the amazing fashion lifestyle book "The Goddess Guide". Each page is like an exquisite scrap book, full of notes, doodles, advice, shopping finds, lavish illustrations, and bits and bobs from the travel of author Gisele Scanlon.
 There six Goddesses in total that cater to every fashionista, with individualistic fashion finds and style tips, truly making the book speak to the reader directly. The goddesses; Home, Office, Sex, Luxurious, Earth, and Urban. Personally, I think I am an Earth or Urban Goddess. These illustrative characters also continue in The Goddess Guide volume two 'The Goddess Experience'. 
Pink pages present tips and stories of how to achieve a perfect quick makeup technique. "Make-up in Minutes" also promotes a makeup range called Pout, whose flagship store is in Covent Garden, London. Gisele also gives her personal choices of Pout products, including which ones would be in her quick makeup kit, as well a story of a Pout makeup expert applying the products to Gisele whilst in a taxi.  
Above is a page about Gisele's first impressions of Paris, as well as her recommendations on how to pack, prepare, and where to go whilst in the City of Love.

Now for my sneaky part of when I was in York

I was in Paperchase shopping for a bright shopper that would carry my A3 sketch books, which we work in at University, when I came across beautiful illustrations on some notebooks. Obviously no one is allowed to take pictures of products in a shop, BUT, since my camera was round my neck, I took a few cheeky shots! I would only do it in the name of fashion!
Illustration and collage inspires my own work and I would hate to forget how to do an interesting technique. Fashion is such a competitive industry, so anything to make you stand out when your going for job interviews and internships is a bonus! I love to draw and I am a perfectionist, so I want to get my illustrative skills to the best of their ability. And to do this, I collect images and tear-outs of illustrations that catch my eye, to inspire and remind me of techniques to try. 

The above notebook is from Paperchase's Wonderland Collection, which includes notebooks, pencils, files, iphone case covers, stickers, laptop covers, and numerous other kitsch items. I do love Paperchase! The shop layout is so fresh and modern that it makes their products stand out instantly. I am amazed at some of the things I find in that shop - slightly expensive, maybe, but fashionable and of good quality, hell yes.
Another cute ring-bound notebook from Paperchase with three gorgeous inked illustrations. 

What is your favorite media to draw and illustrate with?
Do you have a favorite illustrator?

Doll love xXx


  1. What a lovely collection of notebooks! I do like notebooks and buying ones because they are pretty, but I barely use them and I can't really draw so I don't usually use any pens or anything :-P! I didn't realise that you can't take pictures of products in a shop, I always do, I have been told off a few times before though!

    I'm not sure who it is, but I do love the illustrations on Roald Dahl books and Jaqueline Wilson books!


  2. Sarah (above) i think the RD illustrator is Quentin Blake, he recently did some designs for little totes at waterstones which are so cute:)

    And i love the look of this Sarah-R! Looks like I might have to buy a copy. I love the bag pictured too. Hope you are well now! x

  3. Oh thank you, you are right! His name completely slipped my mind, thanks for reminding me :-).


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  5. Great blog, love your style ! nice to follow !

  6. Oh where are youuu? You haven't updated in aaages and I miss youuu! My headache has well and truly gone thanks - celebrated with a few beers! I hope that you're ok.


  7. Hello everyone, thank you for all your beautiful comments!!

    Hey Sarah, I no I've been a terrible blogger :( been very ill. I've missed you too hun, and I've missed updating my blog! I'm just about to put up another post :)

    xx Sarah