Friday, 19 August 2011

Mulberry Magnificence

Hey guys and dolls!

Whilst I was in London, I just had to buy the Mulberry 40th Anniversary book I've been lusting for, ever since I learnt of its existence about a month ago. So after visiting the spectacular Kensington Palace (see my previous post), Mum and I caught a taxi to Harvey Nichols. We would have walked there but after wondering the length of Kensington Gardens, we realised we were only 1/4 of the way there!

I was a little apprehensive and doubtful about finding the book in Harvey Nichols, as although the shop is like Harrods, Selfridges and Fenwicks in that it had little booths and designer departments inside, I thought that maybe a Mulberry shop might be the only place to buy it. However, all was not in vain!!!
After making googly eyes at Givenchy silk scarves, we composed ourselves, put on a more posh and richer exterior and headed to the sea of autumnal Mulberry bags. I was not disappointed with the service at all; they had the book in stock, already gift wrapped, and then they asked me if I would like the full gift works - I received a green bird, lush card copies of their A/W collection campaigns, a look book of their best pieces, and of course a wonderful Mulberry card and rope carry bag. ALL of which only cost me £50! A bargain XD
A nicely wrapped book in old school brown parcel paper, complete with ribbons and a complimentary bird! With each layer I unwrapped, I was greeted with stickers, tissue paper, and pink notes preparing me for the 'wizard' book I was about to uncover. I felt like I was a child again playing pass-the-parcel!
So much care and attention to detail was considered in not only crafting the book but also in its presentation and marketing scheme. I began to fall more head over heels in love with Mulberry, because it felt like I was sharing in their 40th birthday celebration, like I was a part of the brand. 
After three magical layers of paper, I was finally face to face with one of my most covetable books since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Books mean a great deal to me, they almost define who I am as a person, they inspire me. I'm a huge book worm and proud of it!!! When I was child, I once counted how many books I owned in my bookshelves .... lets just say 500+ were occupying my Library bedroom. 
The gorgeous Mulberry adverts that they treated me with! No more cut outs from Vogue for me!
I had such a great time in London and buying this book really put the icing on the wheat and dairy free cake! The book is one of the heaviest I've ever bought, and also one of the most beautiful; page upon page of glossy coloured photos depicting Mulberry's history, campaigns, photo shoots, models, and brand development. I just hope that one day I will be honored by working there!

For more info on Mulberry and my undying love for them, see my review post on their Autumn/Winter collection 2011 here:

I'll leave you all with a quote: "People who hate to read scare me; good books have kept me alive..."
Doll love xXx


  1. OMG, I'm so jealous!



  2. I love reading and I especially love seeing my book collection grow. The book seems amazing, and the way that they presented it is lovely. They obviously put a lot of thought into it and I almost thought that bird was real for a second!


  3. Books are legendary! I couldn't use an electronic tablet and read them that way - I need the paper and ink :)

    I know I thought they were real stuffed birds when she pulled out a box with five of them in! The tail feathers are real though :s

    thank you for your lovely comments XD

    xx Sarah!