Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cheap and Cheerful

Hey guys and dolls!
I've been shopping A LOT since coming home for the summer, trying to build up my wardrobe for not only winter but also for my upcoming fashion placement year. I'm about to embark on my second year at University and I am very excited because our course incorporates placement opportunities into the second and third year modules. Think 'The Devil wears Prada' meets a nervous yet passionate Ginger Doll being thrown into a shark tank of 'Mean Girls' drama... Exciting times ahead XD

So, I need to invest in cheap yet fashionable clothing and accessories to enhance my own style with smart office wear in mind - I want to be the intern that they remember!!!
^ Black lace insert boots: £14.90 Primark ^
It was surprisingly sunny today, therefore I thought I'd wander into my field like garden, and have a fun shoot  with my cheap purchases. Above, is my boot investment for the winter snowy months in Newcastle, as last year we had solid snow on the ground for over a month! I will later buy some proper snow boots, so if anyone knows any good cheapish brands please leave me a comment!!

I am normally quiet apprehensive when buying shoes from Primark, because the quality and durability can sometimes be questionable, but as you can see, I have made an exception. They are very sturdy and fit well; stylish lace design, yet practical.  
^ Brown leather ribbon brogues: Sale £10 New Look ^
My bargain of the year are these pair of leather brogues! I thought I'd checkout the shoe sale rack in a bid to pass some time whilst my best friend was deciding on a pair of jeans, when I stuck gold. I have been searching for some brown brogues for awhile, so I was thrilled to find these real leather shoes at more than half the price! Originally £40, these £10 sale brogues are simply brimming with brown brilliance. 
^ Brown bird print chiffon shirt: £22.99 New Look ^
 I also spotted this gorgeous chiffon shirt whilst exploring the racks in New Look; light fabric, corporate style shirt with a twist, artistic bird print oozing with this Autumns Heritage trend potential - I just had to buy it!

How are you preparing your wardrobe for this Autumn/Winter?
Are you inspired by the catwalk trends, or are thinking of comfort and practicality?
Doll love xXx


  1. ha ha that description of your work placement sounds like a good film. I am sure you will be fine.

    You have invested in some awesome pieces I am loving the New Look blouse I am going to have to venture into New Look as you are the 2nd blogger that has posted some nice bits from there xoxo

  2. I love your boots! I have always found the quality of primark shoes to be ok, apart from the flats - they seem to come apart after a few months, but I guess you get what you pay for. Even then, I paid five times the amount for some flats from topshop and they only lasted a month more than the primark flats.

    Your course sounds really fun, a fashion placement sounds amazing, you should definitely post some of your outfits when you're doing it :-). I saw that New Look blouse in new look and I really wanted it, so jealous of you!


  3. haha, I miss Primark :D.. every summer I've been in London working and shopping! :D

  4. Such a pretty bird print blouse
    Kat x

  5. I love the ribbon brogues! So surprised they're from new look!

    Your year ahead does sound exciting, make sure to enjoy it in the process - I would be absolutely terrified if it was me, haha! I am also considering some more study, but not sure yet, maybe english or psychology, if my art will allow me some freedom...

    I am quite excited about my winter wardrobe, but as always, a tad apprehensive, because I always seem to go wrong with the winter coat, which is a weird source of anxiety every year. The one is see in my mind never materialises in the stores, which probably means that i ought to get out to the city more, to check out the second hand stuff. I am praying to the winter coat fairy to send a decently priced vintage style navy jacket with gold buttons and a cute hood my way, perhaps via topshop. Here's hoping!

    And the good thing about cheap shoes is that they are easy to replace when they do choose to fall apart. A button popped off a really expensive shirt today and made me mad for snubbing my H&M version;)

  6. I'm that prepared for winter i've just bought a coat from was calling my name!

    The boots are lovely, my sister has them in cream. And the shirt is wonderful, I love new look right now!

    Great post :)

  7. beautiful blouse!!!!
    xoxo Anna

    FATV-Fashion And The Village